Service : MaxSea PBG 3DDB.ptz export for Olex


 MaxSea PBG v12 bathymetry database import in Olex

3DDB.ptz export to xyz format

Magic Instinct Software has developed a service for MaxSea v12 users who wish to convert their bathymetry database into xyz (Lat Lon Depth) format to import it into Olex software.

Note : MIS always advice to use Olex with some brand new bathymetry database directly created by the software itself.
We consider that the technical management of the data from the GPS and depth echo sounder are more efficient that the one done with MaxSea.

But when users have created some important database with their former plotter, it could be interesting for them to create some specific database with data recorded with MaxSea.

Procedure :

- sending of the 3DDB.PTZ file (file to save using the item 'Manage the 3D database' in the 'File' menu : button 'Save 3D database')
to our Email :, via some Dropbox, Google Drive or other file transfer web service if the size is important

- an Olex_import.gz file or an ASCII file (Lat Lon Depth) will be generated with our converter and send back

- cost of the conversion service (for each 3DDB.ptz provided file) : 350 EUR in Olex bathy database format or 500 EUR in ASCII xyz format

Don't hesitate to contact me for further info if necessary.

Examples of 3DDB file converted into Olex :

in MaxSea
in Olex

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